E Ink Chosen for JR West Transportation Signage Trial at Osaka Station in Japan

Eink in Osaka

Digital Paper Enables Content to Be Shown During Power Outages

BILLERICA, Mass.--E Ink Holdings, "E Ink" (8069.TW), the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, announced today they have been selected as the display medium for a smart signage trial with JR West Railway Company at the Osaka station in Japan.

E Ink’s partner, DNP, worked with JR West to enable a smart transportation signage system that can run from battery, be moved anywhere needed within the train station system, and which provides travelers with up-to-date information regarding trains and connection locations. Information will be available in a mix of languages, to support the large number of visitors traveling through the rail station who need updates in their native language. The signs will be updated frequently throughout the day.

JR West will be utilizing sixteen (16) of E Ink’s 42” ePaper display, with the software and hardware designed by CREA, and installed and supported by DNP. Signs using E Ink’s unique material have a long battery life due to the bi-stable nature of the display – power is only utilized to change an image, and no power is required to show one. This core benefit was an important part of JR West’s decision to use E Ink displays. The power disruptions caused by typhoons and earthquakes means that a traditional LCD sign would not be able to display evacuation orders or traveler information; E Ink’s signs are able to keep that image displayed until power is back on, even if the battery dies. As most of the emergency directions are currently conveyed via a speaker in Japanese, these signs are essential for foreign visitors to understand evacuation plans. Emergency notifications will be updated on the signs immediately after a power outage or emergency declaration.

The flexibility in using battery power vs. plug was an additional important factor in JR West’s choice; this enables the signs to be easily moved throughout the train system, and alleviates the need for running new power or situating a sign near an outlet.

“We are honored to be chosen by JR West as their display medium of choice for this installation,” said Dr. FY Gan, Executive Vice President of Business Center for E Ink. “Our displays provide information in real time, and give the added security of keeping the public informed when an emergency is declared and information needs to be conveyed to travelers.”

JR West’s trial runs through February 2020. JR West will be gathering feedback from customers throughout the trial.

Learn more at www.eink.com.

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